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September 14, 2009


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Debra  Feldman

The comment that in the 21st C, you are your own employment agency hearkens back to Tom Peter's seminal work, the Brand You50, which seems to have been adopted hook, line and sinker by every professed personal branding strategist on the planet.
To put this important concept succinctly, I inform all JobWhiz clients that their network is their long term, future career insurance. Each employee has to proactively seek out contacts that are most likely to provide job leads and career support. No one can expect their career to progress simply by doing their job well. Not only must one learn to graciously and appropriately toot their horn so that influential decision makers become aware of their go-to area of expertise, but they must focus on realizing visibility for their talent both inside their current employer organization, among their professional colleagues, among the recruiting community and disseminating their knowledge on the social networking platforms that are respected and followed by those in their field. For the many who have unexpectedly found themselves in this very competitive job market minus the essential connections, a critical component of successful and accelerated job search results is networking purposefully, initiating introductions, promoting meaningful dialogues and keeping centered on the radar screens of individuals who are hiring decision makers or those on whom hiring managers rely for talent recommendations and personal referrals. @Debra_Feldman

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