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July 08, 2009


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John Mcadams

Jeff. This comes across as a rant and is incoherent in parts.

Is everything ok with you?

JJ Hunter

John. Thanks for your concern. I am very well thank you. My new job is wonderful. There are two odd things about public writing. First, you get many different reactions to what you write. For instance, you think that this is a rant and incoherent. Others have written me and said that I didn't express enough anger and that I tried too hard to make the founding fathers connection. But the fact that people are reading is the most important thing, so I very much appreciate your feedback. But the even more interesting thing about writing is that old friends get to connect. Have we met?

Keep reading John. Thanks!

John Mcadams

Yes, certainly worth a read Jeff. We have met before. At an ERE event. You were a little preoccupied when we spoke and keep looking at your Treo so I imagine you wont remember me.

I used to read your blog regularly, especially when you won the award.

I returned from intrigue after a friend mentioned you had resurrected.

Although, I still stick to the point that this article is one long disjointed ramble, but I expect you are feeling a little rusty after not blogging for so long. (In a respectful way).

You mention those that have sent positive feedback---where are they in this blog feed. Let's have some real debate.

Best of days to you Jeff.

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