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June 25, 2009


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Gerry Crispin

Welcome back. Hope all is well

Will at Virtualjobcoach

You can't first have a "why" without having a "what". The "what" is the goal, this frames everything else, if you don't have a goal, then how do you ask "why"?

If you don't have a "what" then "why" would you be sitting in a room discussing the work?

The correct sequence is what, why, when, who and ultimately how.
What is the goal
Why is the purpose
Who are the resources and
How is the project plan

Of course, I could be wrong - perhaps you could give me an example of a project that would start out with a "Why"?

cool stuff,

John Mcadams


You talk of a project with no goals and no end end date.

But america is exactly in that position in afganistan. What is the goal? what is the end date? What is the exit startegy?

perhaps you need to enlighten Obame?

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