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June 29, 2007


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Paul Senzee

I'm curious to know the nature of these software problems. There have been many new platforms throughout the history of computing, and there aren't very many 'fundamentally new' problems in computer science.

Jeff Hunter

Great question Paul. Rather than give away my source (who asked to remain anonymous) I will instead point you here and hope it answers your question indirectly:


Thanks for reading!

Paul Senzee

I agree completely with your overall thesis about the inability of school to make people into innovators.

With this particular example, however, I think having modern software engineers work on quantum computers (at this early point in their development) is simply a gross mismatch of skill sets. I'd guess quantum computing at this point is probably 95% percent theoretical physics and 5% percent computer science.

the difference between getting good grades and doing a good job.

I don't think it makes sense to associate all the best and brightest of comp sci with the former category (getting good grades) and theoretical physicists with the latter (doing a good job). I'm sure a lot of the physicists got good grades and a lot of the computer scientists didn't. After all, the physicists are smarter, right? ;)

Let us know how the physicists work out in the end. :)

jen_chan, writer surefirewealth.com

Creativity is a characteristic that chooses no one. You can be a king and yet have more creativity than the resident painter. I think it goes the same way with Science guys. Some of them possess creativity. Some of them don't. It just depends on how a person has lived his or her life and how he or she managed to cultivate that creativity.

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