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June 26, 2007


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John Sumser

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff.

I have to question any educational system that produced a grown adult who would voluntarily take a group of 12 year olds to Disneyland and then expect them to like rigorous scheduling. That's two very dumb moves.

The education system can not change the fact that they are 12. That, my very good friend, is not the fault of the schools. Most kids accomplish it in about 12 years. Kids who live to that ripe age are very good reasons for boarding schools.

laurence haughton

Were those kids ever involved in team sports? It appears to me that they would have a very hard time being coached to win at anything.

Jason Davis

Jeff, You should be on the recruiting animal show. what is the holdup?

Peggy McKee

Jeff -
Your Disneyland experience is weeknights with my 9 year old son going over his math homework! I do think that his demonstrated creativity when it comes to math solutions will put him in the category of talented and creative workers of the future. Do you think this could be an early indicator?

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