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February 22, 2007


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Lance Knobel

Here's another good vs evil choice for you to ponder. Would you rather have Andy or Sid (from the original Toy Story) as your employee?

Andy is the perfect boy. The toys all love him. He plays with them as they are meant to be played with. Sid is terrifying. Toys that make their way into Sid's grasp are destined for mutilation and destruction.

Yet which boy is more creative? Sid did mash-ups before anyone heard of Web 2.0. He is the heir to the tinkerers of the Homebrew Computing Club and the Phone Phreaks of the '70s.

To take up an old Talentism trope, I suspect Sid reflects the kind of child we want our education system to encourage. Creative, individualistic, original. The Andys of the world will be outsourced to India.

Colin Kingsbury

No, the real question here has to be Bond versus Dr. No. Bond is a complete maverick, refuses to follow protocol, and certainly did not attend sensitivity training, while his opponent is better-disciplined, a member of several protected classes, and presumably better-educated.


Great post, but I think you over-estimate the power of the dark side. Thanks to my own coach (my 9 year-old son) I am well versed in the ways of the evil lord, and you overlook his final act: throwing his boss to his death.
Not really the behaviour of a good corporate citizen, surely?

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