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November 04, 2006


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Martin Snyder

Jeff I'm a serial commenter and cars should have tanks where you pour new oil and drains where you empty it out while getting gas. The vehicle should take care of the rest.

Thus designers can take care of the oil-changers, for good.


I'm with Marin on this, I think designers can affect enough change to get rid of the Jiffy Lube. The problem is at what cost can that be done? For example, if we design a car that requires next to no maintenance then it becomes a very expensice car to build. Once something does need to be repaired, it now requires an engineer and not a mechanic.

Another problem is that all the oil changers would resent this new car since it would mean that to stay in business they have to add value beyond the no longer needed oil change. They must now provide services which would be needed in a low-maintenance car, and partner with the car owner to forsee future needs instead of just waiting for them to come in every 3,000 miles :)

Jeremy Langhans

Maybe we can put all those out of work butlers into the low-maintenance car's as the "value add"?


The beauty of designing is that you have an opportunity not only to improve a car's performance, but make it cheaper as well. Unfortunately for corporate America, we seem to be waiting for others to show us a better design, both in the auto industry and in human capital. Most businesses today aren't concerned with proactive redesign of recruiting systems. They just want things to work as they always have. It seems many companies will simply have to feel so much pain that a re-design suddenly makes sense. Despite the no-brainer need to overhaul the talent dimension of business, many don't get it. They'll have to experience real pain before they do. Pain is a very good teacher.

On the other hand, we could just wait for the Japanese to show us the way...again.


i design cars for my self which i intend to produce in future. also i want a company to give me a contract on car designs

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