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October 05, 2006


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As it relates to transparency in this matter, I guess the equivalent would be having your windshield wiped down by one of the squeegee men in downtown Miami who demand money for the job which is, of course, not for services rendered but for safe passage through the intersection. No doubt John Sumser will start to foam at the mouth, squeegee in hand, and draw some attention to himself trying to counterbalance some of the more interesting things going on in the Recruitosphere than his nothing-much-happening-here “blog.” God knows he needs the traffic, badly enough it seems, to stand in the way of moving vehicles.

This should be a fun ride. Perhaps when it’s done I’ll get out of the car and the clean off the windshield myself.


Colin Kingsbury

Oh, phooey. Just before I post my take you have step all over my lede.


Chief Executive Restaurant Recruiter

I love it. You guys are very entertaining. But, in all seriousness, who can get worked up over sites and business practices that are destined to go the way of FlipDog (since they are all basically copies of what that site did)? When was the last time anyone ever heard of FlipDog? How long ago was that in Internet Dog years?

Steven Rothberg, CollegeRecruiter.com

There is a huge difference between copy the entire text of a job posting (what John objected to) or any other content and running an excerpt of a job posting or any other content (what he does when he quotes parts of blog entries running on Talentism or any other site).

Re-publishing excerpts is "fair use" under the copyright laws while re-publishing entire articles or blog articles is theft under those laws. Perhaps John didn't make that point as clearly as a fully recovered lawyer (me) might have wanted him to and perhaps his analogy seemed a little wacky to some, but it forced a lot of people to sit up and take notice of the issue and that's definitely a good thing.

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