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September 11, 2006


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curious visitor

about Good to Great, have you checked the point made by BusinessPundit at


on why it's not very good? It's a good reminder on critical reading.

See also the entry about the book "Hard Facts, Dangerous Half Truths and Total Nonsense" at:


Jeff Hunter

Curious -

Great comment and link. Just read both the articles, and I agree with them both. But neither article debunked my thought that good markets have strong competitors. So I'll stick with that thought until evidence shows me otherwise.

Thanks for stopping by Curious. Look forward to your thoughts in the future.


Colin Kingsbury

The new R.com site looks pretty sharp, though I find the interactivity a little confusing in a way that I don't find Digg confusing. It may just be me though.

Regarding markets defined by competition, you know this is a point I sort of agree on. For me though, a market filled with slow buffalo is a perfect place. You know there's demand there because people are already buying products. You just have to figure out how to enter it in a different way.

Jeff Hunter

Colin -

Long time no speak. A pleasure to have you visit once again.

Given your comment re: slow buffalos I can see why you are in the ATS market. Do you envision yourself as a Lakota, carefully culling the weak from the heard, or more of a Cody, leaving the endless plains littered with competitors?

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