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September 27, 2006


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I came across this last week and thought it an interesting read, somewhat related:


Sometimes I think we overlook that other people’s blogrolls, for example, are a better read of what people are reading than who digs this and who tags what. Clearly, when it comes to the consumption and ranking of content, not all interactivity is as overt as we find among the crowd, is it? And sometimes, forensics is more interesting to an enquiring mind than fashion is a guide to anything. Yes, sometimes good content does require a lot of digging for.

Great post, Jeff.

Colin Kingsbury

Digg's technology content is really good, though as the "gene pool" gets diluted with growth into less-savvy users the links become more banal. But it's still good enough that it's pretty much stopped me from browsing sites like Slashdot and Ars Technica on a regular basis.

Outside of technology, their content stinks. Therein lies a lesson.

Jeremy Langhans

Leave it to Jeff Hunter to have readers with solid vocab ... I actually had to look up "Banal"


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