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August 29, 2006


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Karen Mattonen

Why is it that whilst reading this Walmart keeps beeping in my head..

They could be a full example of this story.. Gee, considering their new fiasco

Talent hates that they get work off clock and decides to Sue (Civil Lawsuit- 40 nationaly)

Talent is forced by Mgmt to sign off that they were not working off clock or lose job

Talent was also forced to RECORD their voice and say they did not work off clock, or lose job

Talent gets restraining/cease and decist order from judge to have walmart quit "terrorizing" talent with threats.

Guess H.R was asleep at the wheel or keep losing the battle..

Walmart Stocks -- Down 25 Percent - dang those lawsuits, so many lost..

These lawsuits.. or is the reason behind the lawsuits.. hmm, which comes first, don't really remember.. anyways.. they really can really do something to the moral of Investors, consumers, and of course let's not forget the Talent.. Ah shucks, why not, it seems Walmart has..

No, this wasn't a beef of walmart, but I guess it can put into perscpective and provides an example of why the battle of Regulator/HR taking on Corporate Greed is not alwasys a losing one..


That was a fun post

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