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May 11, 2006


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double dubs

How true: Visionaries often can't implement. Implementors often don't have vision.

It's a rare competency that someone can understand the vision in all it's high level depth (only slightly oxymoronic) and for that same person to be able to translate that vision into all its gory detail. For this, a person must understand strategy as well as the transactional and processing tactical level. One of the reasons implementation can be so dysfunctional is the necessary layers within a PMO that allow all of the strategy synthesis to go on - one or two levels of implementation PM's simply won't have the competencies needed. Unfortunately, the more layers you put in, the more dilution you get with the strategy.

You're right - this is a serious problem, not just in HR technology, but also for any process, cultural objective, communication... you're trying to implement.


Max Leibman

Well, I care a little. It's always nice to see the thinking process that goes into these kinds of creative branding decisions.

You hit upon a key split. It reminds me of the entrepreneur/manager/technitian division that Gerber talks about in his E-MYTH books. The technitian is concerned with doing the work, and the manager is concerned with running the business, but the entrepreneur (or founder, or leader, or whoever) is concerned with working ON the business, on taking the wholistic, bird's-eye view, and seeing another way.

Canadian Headhunter

What's the matter with you? Your old tag phrase had the Superman structure that everyone knows and loves.

Maybe other people pick things up more quickly than I do (not) but, to me this one is way too complicated.

Also, people do want to be able to talk about how great you are. We always want to find something fantastic and tell everybody. Isn't that true?

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