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April 18, 2006


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Electronics Product

Electronic and information technology" is a term used in the 1998 amendments to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. The term is used to define the scope of products covered under Section 508. Section 508 requires that electronic and information technology that is developed, procured, maintained, or used by the federal government be accessible.


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Career Change

I've been an industrial designer for 10 years and would like to get into the gaming industry. I've been a gamer since the first version of DOS came out and am still an avid PC and console gamer. About 20 years ago, I remember walking into EA and applying as a game tester, but unfortunately they were not hiring at the time. I mention game tester, because EA mentions that being a game tester is an excellent way to find out about the gaming business as a whole. Your enthusiasm for EA just makes me want to be part of that world even more. Do you have any advice as to getting in the door, other than the usual web application?

custom logo design

I mention game tester, because EA mentions that being a game tester is an excellent way to find out about the gaming business as a whole. Your enthusiasm for EA just makes me want to be part of that world even more.

Jerrad Zonna

I'm an up and coming programmer at UAT. I have been engaging myself in projects and even hobby projects trying to make games. I have been using XNA mostly due to its ease of use. Any suggestion as to what areas I should focus on as a programmer or skill sets to land a job at EA. I have an undying passion for making video games, its getting into the industry that worries me.

Lenny Bauer

I am sorry, wait no I am not, I have no respect for Electronic Arts, or it's employees. Year after year I am given the same god damn game over and over, no updates except rosters.....you make attempt to better the game. Luckily I don't pay this garbage that is regurgitated every single year. I do however have to play it, and be stuck with it. That is just soccer games, let's move on to garbage such as "Army of Two" wow, terrible idea, here's a real idea, instead of producing crap you developers think is cool, why don't you listen to what the consumer wants, I am sick and tired of EA producing crap after crap game and being paid for it, more than anything I am INSULTED that you get paid to create this.....shit, pure shit. I have never owned an EA game I can say I loved, not one, and people have been in business since before I was even born, your company makes stupid choices on a daily basis, DRM, ya great idea.....hope you all get ur pants sued off for that one. what ya got next? A one time downloadable game? What else? hmmm how about the fact that all systems now seem to have the ability to play music, but wait EA thinks they pick better music thus eliminating the option to use my music player, great I wanna hear your music and not mine....dumb. Or how about the fact that instead of intergrating your games with xbox live or the ps3 version, you make me sign up with your crap company to play online......I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO SIGN UP WITH YOU! I HATE YOU! EA does nothing but buy out good companies, ones that actually create games I would pay for, then you sue them, take their game and produce sequels that get worse every time you make one. The title of this "Talentism" is ironic, because EA, it's employees, and owners have no talent except for ruining everything they touch. Ea needs to be shut down, You say Madden sold so much cos it is a great game, WOW! YOU ARE DUMB, Madden sold so much cos there is NO alternative! You guys took em all! Madden sucks! The fact is your crappy company has all rights to NFL games, us consumer have no more options, THANK YOU! OH! ALSO! Thank you for taking madden off the computer after you got all rights to the game, thats awesome....that gives me more options.....Bottom line is, I give up on EA, if i do choose another EA game, I would pirate it before buying, and I would probably sell a bunch of copies to save ppl the trouble of buying a piece of trash they r just gonna hate and feel like they wasted their money on....but if it came down to that I wouldn't do it, I don't want your shitty worthless pieces of garbage corrupting my computer. The last thing I will mention, certainly not my last complaint, is customer service, wow, or should I say a lack there of....you have none, every time I have had a problem with a game I get a vaugue response telling me to reinstall or some stupid crap I already attempted, EA wears the mask of a first class company, but what it really is a thrid rate crap producing machine. I think christ you did not get Take Two, you would defile the wonderous game of grand Theft Auto with your crap ideas and developing. EA insulted the industry by trying to buy them out right as the game was releasing, have some tact you fucks, that was rather obvious, I cheered when your insulting offers were shot down. Stay away from these good companies, you already put enough good companies down and out.

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