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April 18, 2006


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Joel Cheesman

I find it intriguing that you're capable of such elaborate and lengthy blog posts while at the same time working for a company bound to products made for the "instant gratification" set. Makes me wonder how many gamers would take the time to read your insights.

Jeremy Langhans

i'm a gamer
will's a nice guy *wink*
so is seth.


jason davis

I see a new post on my rss feed from Talentism, I heat up my coffee, shut the door, take the phone of the hook, put the "in a meeting now and for the foreseeable future" sign on my door and brain.

Steve Levy

When I had a full and glorious mop of hair and was attending UVM (yep, I'm a crunchy-granola type despite the scowl), I remember speaking out against corporate types - yeah, like I really knew what I was talking about.

But the Gen Y's are really the Gen Why Nots: Senor Jeffe, exactly how much to those GY's make in royalty payments, appearance fees, race wins, etc.? More than enough to enjoy the corporate lifestyle (a fridge full of Red Bull - comped; an X-Box in their media rooms - comped; a warehouse full of skateboards, snowboards, or motocross parts - comped.

Sorry kiddies but if you make money, you're corporate - you may not wear the suits but your sure do listen to them.

It's not just you Jeff - when people enjoy what they do, they're practically ordained by their creator to shout about it. I think most people miss that part of the job description where they're required to be evangelical if they love what they do. While its true that at times the grass is greener over the septic tank, it's also true that even in corporations, employees have the ability to at least attempt modify their environments to their advantage. If it won't budge, then it and only then may it time to try elsewhere. But at least try.

Which sounds like what you've been able to do at EA. There's an employment brand element in this if so. But all these individual EA elements together and you may just have an enduring culture. Corporate or otherwise.

Steve Levy

Jeff, you started my gray matter churning on a rainy Sunday (a normal day for all readers in the Pacific NW). Was watching VH-1 I believe last evening and saw a short expose on Blur Studio (www.blur.com/indexl.html) - does this ever sound like a media company with guts!


I am being considered for a position for EA with an agency you use. Can you please let me know how the office dynamics are there? What do you like best about working for EA? Before I make any big career I would prefer it be with a company I can stay with for the long term.

If you can give me any information I will greatly appericate it.

Thank you

Paul Senzee

Well said!

As a fellow EA employee, I feel quite the same way. Thanks for saying it!

Kristen Andrews

I really find EALA a awesome place to work and would love to wor there someday...I play all the CNC games they are awesome!!
And im also friends with like 4 guys that work there...I really wanna be a game designer!
I really enjoyed reading your blog!


hey im a long time gamer been wanting to work as a game designer i have the ideas and passion but dont know where to start is there any advice you can help me with please

Rob-  The new guy

Thank you very much for removing my post.

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