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April 26, 2006


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double dubs

I'm not sure if it's true or not, but I feel as though I have not commented on Talentism in a while, although I read every post. The deep insight you continue to provide in each and every post is incredible. Thank you.


Konstantin Guericke

Excellent post. I think discipline is key: discipline in not chasing after every relationship just because something might come from it, and discipline in tending to the relationships that are important and likely to last.

In my view, LinkedIn obviates the need to keep up with everyone as it's generally easy to reach out to everyone as long as you pick your connections well.

And I'm a big believer in face-to-face. Or phone at minimum. Email is not a good medium for creating relationships--though I find making introductions on LinkedIn is a great way to nurture relationships. When people ask me for introductions, those are great reminders for me to make sure I keep up with my primary relationships.

Martin Snyder

A most useful measure of relationship quality would be frequency / duration / follow-on activity of an individual's communications- a capture / analysis of the email and phone traffic between people sliced and diced can be strong indicators- thats why convereged CRM systems where database, phone, and email are unified are so powerful.

Craig Silverman

It is true that as your network grows it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep up with the demand generated by the needs of the network. Using tools such as LinkedIn has made it much easier to handle.

I agree with your points. New relationships are sprouting every day from social networking, many turn into new business or partnerships and others simply die on the vine.

Better to have a network to keep up with than no network at all. I am still blown away by how many people that have not gotten off the sidelines yet.

Anthony Abernathy

Good Perspective on Social Network


There is no software which will tell you whether you have an inner spiritual connection with someone.

A good question to ponder is WHY do you connect with a particular person?

I noticed that if you connect with people simply because you are bored and have nothing else to do then they will in fact ONLY connect with you when that same situation arises in their life. Outside of that, you will not exist to them socially.

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