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April 17, 2006


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Steven Rothberg, CollegeRecruiter.com

I'm also a big fan of almost everything that Jobster does, even though they're an indirect competitor to CollegeRecruiter.com. That said, the email referral request product that their system offers can be very annoying to recipients when the sender (the Jobster client) does not properly target the emails.

Few people mind receiving emailed requests for assistance or seeing advertising when it is properly targeted. What is incredibly annoying about most spam emails isn't that they're spam, it is that what they're trying to sell you isn't of any interest. If you were interested in learning about the newest medical device or X-rated site, then those emails wouldn't be so offensive. But to those of us who aren't interested in those products, the emails are offensive.

So keep using Jobster and keep working with them to help them make their already great product even better. The problem that I raised in ERE wasn't so much a problem with Jobster and the sites like Jobster as it was with how those sites are used by a small number of their clients. A few bad apples...

Colin Kingsbury

I like the Jobster message a lot... really! But what happens when email-based passive candidate acquisition tools are being used by 10,000 instead of 200 companies? I seem to be the only person who doesn't think the WorkZoo acquisition was a distraction. In order for their model to scale they need to create alternate channels.

Krishanu Banerjee

I am an avid gamer. Is there any way I can contribute to Electronic Arts game testing process ?


The concept is good for sure, I am yet to try it out though !

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