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December 12, 2005


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Jeremy Langhans


As always (and I know I don't say this enough) ... GREAT STUFF!! If you have anymore of these amazing CRM related re-posts in your archive well ... I'm sure I can speak for the community & say "we'd love to read / re-read them"!

Ok ... enough cheerleading; here are my 3 comments on the above:

a.) HR Recruiters have been notorious for under-tooling, slow adoption rates, and generally poor proficiency in their current systems. That’s grim news, but the positive outlook is that technology has evolved to a place where it can close the gap. I know I’m not the only one that is thankful Corporate America is embracing the use of CRM in Talent Acquisition! Funny (to me) that it took this long for the “Human Resources” dept to get that “Relationship Management” is important.
b.) Determining the “quality of a system” via User-Centric Metrics. YAY! Again, my comment falls around the ‘its about time’ line … for how many years have we had ATS Vendors selling us ‘silver bullets’ and HRIS people doing ‘integration stuff’ only to find, at the end of the day, nobody uses the thing. Why? Well, because it’s not what we wanted or needed, clumsy, redundant (and not in the good way), no reporting, no analytics, useless UI, etc. Then the leadership tells the worker bee’s to use XLS as a ‘work around’. LOL!
c.) Discussions of Technology in Recruiting. We need allot more around methodology, philosophy, creativity, high-touch, etc … and allot less of the ATS Vendor / solve every problem you have with this one [insert product or service fad here] crap. Just like Accounting & Finance has knowledgeable, reliable, solution centric, no BS, professional consultants that exist to make your Org a happier place … we need people to step up and treat our Business with the same respect!

Ok … enough ranting; time to get some work done!


Jeremy Langhans

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