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November 17, 2005


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Colin Kingsbury

Some very good points here and a good antidote to all the words given over lately to "passive jobseekers." The key question of course is, why is that talent passive? This reminds me of the concept of "latent demand" in sales. Sure, if you can tap into that latent demand, you'll do extremely well, but what the sales books don't tell you is that it's about 10,000 times easier to say "turn latent demand into pain" than it is to actually do it. In reality what you end up doing is building a relationship with prospects so that when the pain-triggering event happens, you're on the list of people they call.

Glenn Gutmacher

There are a few variations of "brand talent" floating around:

1) The Hollywood references to name brand talent - not really what your're talking about, so let's skip

2) Well-defined in the context of on-air radio personalities:

3) From http://www.ecustomerserviceworld.com/earticlesstore_articles.asp?type=article&id=1592 -- the Gallup polling organization defined people with “brand talent” as those who really own and live the values and behaviours that align with the positioning and personality of the brand. These people are a living extension of the brand, bringing the values to life and delivering them directly to customers. (They focused on salespeople in particular.)

Sarah Lucas

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