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October 13, 2005


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I agree wholeheartedly, at the end of the day CRM, ERP and ATS Apps still aim at pleasing the buyer (for obvious reasons of the sale) but at the end of the day forget to target the user and all of the metrics and reports that the buyer buys in for in the first place become garbage.

John Sumser

Interesting posture for the ex-honcho of Intellimatch. I, of course, beg to differ strongly.

Software is dead and not poised for a second coming. It has become a medium precisely for the reasons you outline. The ERP vendors did not make bad software, they just discovered the limits of the applicability of automation.

Software supports and facillitates processes in an organization. To expect it to automate and simplify transactions that are all individual and unique is to expect that it can perform beyond its abilities.

Service delivered as an adjunct to a software platform is a good thing, the wave of the future, and the consequence of the automating we've done to date.

We should tear into this argument, Jeff. It's good and polar.

The blog seems to be coming along well.

Recruitment Software

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