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October 31, 2005


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Jason Davis

I like your perspective. Great post!

Jeremy Langhans

Agreed! Your philosophy is in-line with mine ... I like to tell people that technology should be a slave to community ... Keep the good stuff coming Jeff!


Jeremy Langhans

hank stringer

sow the seeds, pay the price, buy the toll tag...yep, good analogies and the right question...are company's willing to invest today for a community of future talent relationships? They will because it will become successful business practice. The frustration, the hurdle, the obstacle today is that the pigs feeding at the trough all wear the same choir robes...people like me. These messages must get to users who really matter...line managers. Good content - more who don't know need to read.

keep sowing -

Go Johnny Go!


Funny...I've thought about the "royal pain in the butt" versus "ego gratification" equation myself ; )

Miss Cybernaut

I like this approach very much, especially when its about talent market and ethic issues.

One question - how does your networking pays off to you? Do you have any success stories to share?
Of have, pls DO SO :)
Warm regards,

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