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March 14, 2005


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Wow...really great points. I just want to add my .02 (if it's worth that much). With regard to Dave's second questions about TTF variance and benchmarking; doesn't the subjective nature of candidate selection and client expectation really make TTF stats irrelvant for the purposes of benchmarking? I could see utilizing these metrics for benchmarking if you had one hiring manager who has multiple positions with the same requirements, and who consistently devotes time to recruiting/interviewing. But once you get into recruiting for different managers who may even be looking for different profiles (for example, one only wants candidates with MBAs), one has a better interviewing team and they each have different levels of engagement, doesn't your benchmark become irrelevant?

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Jeff Hunter

Thanks for the great comments Heather. I think Dave's point was that all clients will have an "I need to fill this position YESTERDAY!" kind of mentality. You need to have data to demonstrate to them that "YESTERDAY" is not a realistic target. The data could demonstrate such statistics as "Well, it takes you on average 5 days to get back to me with feedback, so if we could cut this down to 1 day, I can cut 4 days from the strike zone target." The point of the article was to say that there are internal metrics that you can use for process efficiency, and Dave extrapolated that you could also use that data to negotiate achievable strike zone targets with the client.

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